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Frequently Asked Questions

What is biomedical data science?

There are many ways we can define biomedical data science, but in keeping with the definition provided by the NIH Big Data To Knowledge (BD2K), we define "the term "Biomedical Big Data" is inclusive of the diverse digital objects which may have impact in basic, translational, clinical, social, behavioral, environmental, or informatics research ...

What are biomedical statistics?

One very common type of data set in biomedical statistics is a cohort study, where you have information on people who were exposed to some treatment or environment (for example, people who took a certain drug, or people who smoke) and also on whether the same people have a particular disease or not.

What is biomedical databases?

Biological database design, development, and long-term management is a core area of the discipline of bioinformatics. Data contents include gene sequences, textual descriptions, attributes and ontology classifications, citations, and tabular data. These are often described as semi- structured data, and can be represented as tables, key ...

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