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Frequently Asked Questions

What training is available for biomedical researchers in Citi?

MCW offers Human Subject Research Protections training for biomedical researchers and social/behavioral researchers in CITI. Individuals are encouraged to select the CITI course that best aligns with the type of research being conducted, biomedical research or social/behavioral research.

How do I get Citi certification for human subject research?

Members of the human subject research team, including the Principal Investigator (PI), must have current certification. Initial CITI certification is obtained by completing the required online modules and one elective module with an overall score of 80%. The initial CITI course can be completed in four to six hours.

Does Citi program’s HSR Training fulfill the human subjects research training requirements?

Yes, CITI Program’s HSR training fulfills the human subjects research training requirements if the learner completes the basic modules for either the Biomed or SBE Comprehensive or Foundations courses. As an administrator setting up my organization, how should I select HSR modules for my learner groups?

Who needs to obtain Citi certification?

Everyone involved in the design, conduct, or review of human research carried out by MCW faculty investigators at any location or reviewed by MCW IRBs or another authorized IRB must obtain CITI certification. New employees must complete the required modules and obtain CITI certification prior to starting any human subject research work.

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