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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bikeshedding and how to avoid it?

What is Bikeshedding? Bikeshedding, also known as Parkinson’s law of triviality, describes our tendency to devote a disproportionate amount of our time to menial and trivial matters while leaving important matters unattended. Where this bias occurs

What is bikeshedding or Parkinson's law of triviality?

This behavior is widely known as bikeshedding or with its more formal name - Parkinson’s Law of Triviality. Bikeshedding is the act of spending disproportionate amounts of time discussing trivial parts of a problem instead of focusing on more important topics.

What is the implied image in the bike shed debate?

The implied image is of people arguing over what color to paint the bicycle shed while the house is not finished. ( jargon file) I'm not pointing fingers as I get sucked into those discussions just like everyone else, but the bikeshedding-to-action ratio is fabulously high. Get a bikeshedding mug for your dog Bob.

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