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Frequently Asked Questions

What song does Big Daddy Weave sing in the redeemed music video?

Big Daddy Weave - Redeemed (Official Music Video) - Christian Music Videos Big Daddy Weave delivers a powerful performance of the song Redeemed. Love Come To Life in stores now!

What is Big Daddy Weave's love come to life about?

The second single from Big Daddy Weave's seventh album, Love Come To Life, is a testimony to the power of redemption. It became the first song from the LP to top Billboard's Hot Christian Songs chart. The song was inspired by lead singer Mike Weaver's struggles with his self-image.

How does Big Daddy Weave's redeemed glorify God?

It glorifies God through its description of God’s transformative power. I hope you can see why my sister-in-law found Christ’s healing in Big Daddy Weave’s Redeemed .

What are Big Daddy Weave's top 15 hits?

Here is my selection of the top 15 hits by Big Daddy Weave! Enjoy! 15. Fields Of Grace Favorite Lyric – “I love my Father, my Father loves me! I dance for my Father, my Father sings over me! And nothing can take that away from me!” 14. Audience Of One Favorite Lyric – “To my audience of one: You are Father and You are Son.

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