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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Big Daddy unlimited cost?

Big Daddy Unlimited will automatically bill you $9.95/month after your 30 day trial, and you can continue to save time and money! This is your opportunity to see what Big Daddy Unlimited has to offer risk free. There's NO contract or long-term obligation and you can cancel at any time.

How does the Big Daddy unlimited wide open trigger work?

Big Daddy Unlimited’s Wide Open Trigger accomplishes this by using the energy of the bolt to compress a “spring carrier” which in turn forces the trigger forward into a neutral position.

Did big Daddy unlimited infringe on rare breed’s patent?

Rare Breed seems to think that WOT and Big Daddy Unlimited have infringed on Rare Breed’s patent. The WOT seems like a cheap MIM part as well.

What is the wide open trigger (Wot)?

Co-founder of Big Daddy Unlimited, Tony McKnight, had this to say about the WOT: The Wide Open Trigger is yet another revolutionary new product taking the firearms industry by storm as the first true plug-and-play, drop-in AR-15 hard-reset trigger.

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