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Frequently Asked Questions

Do sonic toothbrushes really work?

This helps the sonic toothbrush to clean much more effectively than a manual toothbrush can. Does a sonic toothbrush really work better? The available scientific evidence suggests that sonic toothbrushes are superior to manual toothbrushes. They are able to remove significantly more plaque during a single use than a manual toothbrush would.

How should I use a sonic toothbrush?

Using an electric toothbrush differs significantly from brushing with a classic manual toothbrush. A sonic toothbrush does all the brushing automatically, so you should move it slowly and gently over successive parts of your tooth arch, without any sudden movements.

What are the benefits of using sonic toothbrushes?

Using a sonic or electronic toothbrush can help ensure you clean your teeth adequately and regularly without much hassle. The moving brush head removes plaque much easier than the manual toothbrush. With sonic or other electric toothbrushes, all you need to do during cleaning is to guide the brush to reach all the tooth surfaces.

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