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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best reforge for a sword?

Click to expand... I say for a sword, legendary is the best reforge because it gives every stat better than spicy except for crit damage, and on what timeline would anyone want one thing more than everything?? Locked due to necroposting.

How do you reforge items in skyblock?

To reforge an item, head to the Blacksmith and interact with them to bring up the reforging menu. The player can then apply reforge stats to weapons, accessories, or armor pieces for a price. As of SkyBlock patch v0.7.11, players can now reforge the entire Accessory Bag all at once for a discount SkyBlock 0.7.11 update.

How do you reforge a sword in Skyrim?

Use a reforge anvil (not to be confused with a regular anvil), put the item on the left slot, and the reforge stone on the right slot. Depending on what stat your sword needs, you’ll need to use different reforges. If your sword needs more ✎ Intelligence (for example, the Hyperion), you’ll want to use to use the Heroic reforge.

What reforges can be applied to melee weapons?

These are the reforges that are applicable to melee weapons such as Swords and Fishing Rods . These reforges can only be applied on Swords through Reforge Stones. These cannot be obtained through normal reforging. Your critical hits have a chance to deal up to +15% extra damage.

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