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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best reforge for swords?

Best reforge for swords? Not open for further replies. Spicy, sharp, legendary, and fast are good candidates, not including the advanced reforging using stones. Spicy is still okay. Sharp is slightly better generally. Legendary is okay but outclassed by sharp. Fast is amazing for attack speed.

What is the best rare sword?

On a Rare -rarity sword, it will grant: If you’re mid-late game, Fabled is the best outside of dungeons. It comes from the Dragon Claw reforge stone, dropped from the Ender Dragon in The End, if you have 451 Dragon Weight. The reasoning you want to use Fabled is that its bonus is that “Critical hits have a chance to deal up to +15% extra damage.”

How do you reforge a sword?

Use a reforge anvil (not to be confused with a regular anvil), put the item on the left slot, and the reforge stone on the right slot. Depending on what stat your sword needs, you’ll need to use different reforges. If your sword needs more ✎ Intelligence (for example, the Hyperion), you’ll want to use to use the Heroic reforge.

Do you use fabled or Reaper scythe?

I use Fabled, my armor setup + my combat level give me the right amount of Crit Chance I need, so I just focus on damage. Although fabled is a lot weaker than what the admins said it’d be, reaper scythe (the sword I use) has only 20 strength from the hpb, so Fabled makes up for the strength gap

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