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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best reforge for Ender armor?

for Ender Armor just get fierce, its the best non-reforge stone reforge for damage. Reforge stone aren't worth it on Ender Armor. these aren't the absolute best you can get, but probably are the best that fit in your budget (seeing that you are using ender armor). Use fierce for damage, and pure for crit chance.

How do you get Ender armor?

A piece of Ender Armor can be sold to any NPC for 10,000 coins, though they usually sell for more on the Auction House . Note: On the End Island, the helmet (enchanted with Growth V and Protection V) gives 190 Health and 100 Defense. The chestplate gives 210 Health and 150 Defense. The leggings give 200 Health and 130 Defense.

What is the passive ability of the Ender armor?

Each Ender Armor piece has the following passive ability when equipped: All stats of this armor are multiplied by 2x while on the End Island! In order to donate the Armor to the Museum, the player is required to also have the Ender Belt, Ender Cloak, Ender Necklace, and Ender Gauntlet in their inventory.

How does epic armor work in the end?

Epic Armor obtained from Endermen in The End. In The End, its stats are doubled. All Endermen found on the End Island, excluding Zealots, have a chance of dropping a piece. The lower Health Endermen have a higher chance of dropping one of the armor pieces. When wearing the full armor set, the player's stats are multiplied by 2x in The End.

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