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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best reforge for Ender armor?

for Ender Armor just get fierce, its the best non-reforge stone reforge for damage. Reforge stone aren't worth it on Ender Armor. these aren't the absolute best you can get, but probably are the best that fit in your budget (seeing that you are using ender armor). Use fierce for damage, and pure for crit chance.

What are the best reforges for armor and tools?

Tools are not covered here as all Tool reforges require Reforge Stones. The only Blacksmith reforges I recommend for armor are Fierce, Wise, and Pure. For increasing your Damage output, use Fierce. Some good armor sets for the Fierce reforge include: For increasing your Intelligence, use Wise. Some good armor sets for the Wise reforge include:

What is the best armor for the catacombs?

A Strong Dragon Chestplate is preferred. With The Catacombs - Floor VII being the last floor of The Catacombs, it is much more difficult to survive and beat than all the others. The recommended armor sets provide the greatest amount of ❤ Health, ❈ Defense, ❁ Damage and ✎ Intelligence out of all the Dungeon Armor sets.

Is glacite armor worth it?

Glacite Armor is much better than Hardened Diamond Armor, especially in mines areas. Early-game ironman players may find it hard to kill Ice Walker, though it is highly reccomended, as players will also use it starting out in the Dwarven Mines. Overall, this is a great set.

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