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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Best Buy have Verizon?

Yes. I use Verizon and the Unlocked Model sold at Best Buy supports CDMA & GSM Providers. I own a Galaxy A52 5G Unlocked bought from Best Buy using Verizon Wireless 5G So, when I do research online about this model, it says it is NOT compatible with Verizon CDMA but the description says it has CDMA technology.

Are there discounts for new Verizon customers?

Yes, there are often free phone deals if you switch to Verizon. Trade in your old device and sign up for an unlimited plan as a new customer and pay $0 for the device upfront. Buy a new phone on select Unlimited plans and use this Verizon promo code to take $100 off your purchase.

Does Verizon only sell unlocked phones?

Verizon has no choice but to sell unlocked phone via their C block 700 spectrum agreement 5 level 2 maryhadalittlefist · 4y Short version: "Yes" 3 level 1 sevargmas Op · 4y Excellent. Thank you. 1

Do Verizon Wireless stores do a price match?

i want to upgrade been looking at the rogue verizon store has it for 100 dollars afiter MIR. has it for 79.99 with instant 100 dollars off. does any one know if verizon store will price match? No. Stores will not price match. CSR's in the call centers are also not supposed to price match. It is an online only promotion.

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