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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best binoculars?

The best binoculars at this price, with rugged construction and fog-proofing Nikon is a reassuring name when it comes to optical quality, and its binoculars are made with just as much care and attention to detail as its lenses. So much so in fact that this pair of Nikon binoculars won a Red Dot design award.

What should I look for before buying binoculars?

Before shopping for a pair of binoculars, make a list of all the places you plan on using them. Are you always out on a boat? Definitely look for waterproof. Do you enjoy stargazing at night? You might want to look for a larger pair of binoculars with high magnification.

What are the features of binoculars?

Understanding Binocular Specs 1 Size. For simplicity, binoculars are broken down into compact, midsize and full-size categories, based on the size of their objective lenses (the second number in model names). 2 Magnification Power. ... 3 Field of View. ... 4 Objective Lens Diameter. ... 5 Exit Pupil. ... 6 Eye Relief. ...

What are the different binocular lens sizes?

1 Compact Binoculars: Objective lens size is less than 30mm (8x25, 10x28, etc.) 2 Midsize: Objective lens size is from 30mm to 40mm (10x30, 8x32, etc.) 3 Full-size: Objective lens size is greater than 40mm (8x42, 10x50, etc.)

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