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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good Welsh rarebit?

The choice of beer, however, is surprisingly critical to making a good Welsh rarebit. In more traditional times, any leftover, slightly stale beer would be used. Back when this was made in the mid 18 th century, this beer probably would have been the equivalent of an English brown ale or possibly an English mild.

What can I use instead of stout in Welsh rarebit?

A typical Welsh rarebit recipe will use stout, beer or ale, although I’ve also come across some new versions that use white wine, Port or cider. If you don’t tend to drink alcohol, however, you could try substituting it with milk or pressed apple juice. 3.What are the best varieties of cheese to use in Welsh rarebit?

What beer goes well with cheese?

Welsh Rarebit (or Rabbit) can be made with beer mixed into the cheese. Many recipes call for a strong, brown ale to be added. Of these, I think Hobgoblin by Wychwood breweries is an excellent candidate. Or you could try a quality Welsh bitter such as The Rev James by Brains Brewery. Both go really well with cheese.

Can You Grill a Welsh rarebit with bacon?

In fact, Welsh rarebit with bacon is so popular, many Welsh cafes and restaurants offer it as an extra on their menus. Choose a quality smoked bacon for a moreish flavour – but make sure it’s not too thick, as it won’t cook properly throughout in the time it takes you to grill your Welsh rarebit.

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