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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a pick for the Belmont Park horse race?

Find Belmont Park horse racing news, handicapping, race results and free picks, updated continually. No picks have been created for this track. Please check back. Looking for more? The Racing Dudes expert handicapping team has been offering free picks and daily analysis for over 9 years.

Does Belmont Park have a track bias?

Because of this configuration, Belmont Park doesn’t have a strong track bias. Belmont Park, like most North American horse racing tracks, tends to somewhat favor the horses who stay close to it throughout or who can take the lead. However, it is possible to catch the leaders in the long stretch.

What is Belmont Park known for?

Adding more than a century’s grandeur to American horse racing, the Belmont race track is also recognized as one of the most supreme racetracks in the country today, Together with Aqueduct and the Saratoga, Belmont Park is one of three race tracks in the New York and also recognized as one of the premium racetracks in the country recently.

What happened to Belmont Park?

Currently, the Belmont Park can host over 100,000 fans on its main racing days. Talks emerged in 2007, to move the winter racing to Belmont Park and shut down Aqueduct but thankfully, the idea died down and the racetracks will continue to operate. However, in 2020 the New York Islanders and the NHL hockey will move their stadium next door.

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