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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find beatmaps for OSU?

Beatmaps []; this also has videos of those beatmaps being played in osu! MAN WITH A MISSION - Database (feat.

What is beatmap maker?

A program that allows you to modify the difficulty of a beatmap very quickly and easily. Maps can be created without alt tabbing if you make good use of the profiles and hotkeys If you use this application a lot, you can end up using a lot of disk space. (333 mp3s * 3MB/mp3 = 1GB).

What is the best anime with a beatmap?

An upbeat fighting anime called Sword Art Online. The creator of the beatmap, Ryafuka, did very well in creating this map. Download It Here 4. I Will Show You by: Ailee

What are the best Hunter x Hunter beatmap songs?

Departure by: Masatoshi Ono Departure by: Masatoshi Ono is the opening theme to Hunter x Hunter. The beatmap was created by Trust. It is a very upbeat song with a beatmap excellently designed. Download It Here 5. Crossing Field by: LiSA

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