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Frequently Asked Questions

What is beammp and how does it work? BeamMP uses the same maps, vehicles & mods so you don't need to learn anything new! Standalone BeamMP doesn't modify your original installation, so you can play either singleplayer or multiplayer. Sync quality BeamMP updates your vehicle position ~100 times per second, allowing for a smooth overall experience.

How to install beammp on Windows 10?

Go to our official website and download the latest Download either WinRAR or 7zip. Either of those programs are needed or the next step. Extract the file anywhere you want. Extracting is done by selecting the → Right click → “Extract/Unpack here”.

Can I install beammp on a Linux VPS plan?

IMPORTANT NOTICE We do not offer BeamMP or Game Server Installation on Linux VPS Plans. Please switch to Windows to take advantage of those options. Our BeamMP Favorite! ¹ Installation must be done manually by a member of our team, please open a ticket after purchase to get this completed. 5 Locations To Choose From Why Modern Solutions?

How do I login to BeamNG MP?

Go to and login with your discord account. Step 2. Create a Key Once logged in, go to and click the blue "here" - and the IP provided in our Panel.

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