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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of a beamer presentation?

The “paper size” of a beamer presentation is fixed to 128mm times 96mm. The aspect ratio of this size is 4:3, which is exactly what most beamers offer these days.

What is the aspect ratio of Beamer notes slide?

5 Beamer notes slide aspect ratio 6 20:13 aspect ratio in beamer 1 Beamer presentation with 16:9 aspect ratio and same height as 4:3 aspect ratio? 1 automatic image scale based on aspect ratio 0 Aspect ratio of main frame of beamer is not changing to 16:9

What is the visibility of Beamer content?

The visibility of our content majorly depends on the font size. Predominantly, the Beamer font size was defined in terms of points—for instance, 9 pts, 11 pts, 32 pts, etc . Beamer has set 11 pts as the normal size of the font. This is the size which is considered as readable from an average distance.

How do I insert figures in a beamer document?

In beamer, figures are inserted essentially in the same way as in any other LaTeX document, with very small differences. In LaTeX, we use the graphicx package to insert images (although in beamer we will not have to import it explicitly, since beamer does it for us), which provides the command:

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