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Frequently Asked Questions

Is beacons free to use?

The best part is, Beacons is totally FREE to use and you still get tons of awesome customization options. How do I make money on Beacons? There are multiple ways to make money from your Becons page, currently Beacons has 5 dedicated block types that enable monetization directly through your Beacons page!

Who is beacons for?

Whether you are a musican, artist, vlogger, Stonk Trader or anything else, anyone is a creator in todays crazy world. While Beacons is for everyone, our product features are built around the following goals: 1. Giving you a single link to connect your fans with all of your content. 2. Helping you grow & interact with your audience 3.

Do I need to hire someone to create a website with beacons?

With Beacons, you do not need to hire anyone to create your website, spend dozens of hours getting it to work, or worry about your fans ability to get to the content they want. How long does it take to set up a Beacons Page?

How to monetize your beacons page?

The 3rd way to monetize your Beacons page is something you are probably already familiar with, E-commerce. Our Store Front block allows you to easily list and sell digital goods from your Beacons page such as E-Books, PDFs, audio files, and any other digitial goods.

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