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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beacon Health Options North Carolina Engagement Center?

The Beacon Health Options North Carolina Engagement Center has been an integral part of the mental health and substance abuse services delivery system in North Carolina since 1992.

Why do you use beacon National?

Their staff is friendly, helpful, easy to reach, and knowledgeable. Auto transactions out of state are complicated and problematic, but Beacon National does a great job of coordinating everything between states and making it easy for us to complete sales. Thanks you guys are awesome!!

What are Beacon's hours of Operation?

Beacon's office hours remain 9 AM - 5 PM EDT, and our online systems are available 24/7. Monitoring State DMV closures so we can ensure your Motor Vehicle work arrives appropriately and as quickly as possible Working with DMVs that are closed to the public but still taking our applications by mail

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