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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Beacon?

Complete & submit your BEACON online application. Link to BEACON Must include 5 years of work and/or volunteer history with names of supervisors. Please provide accurate contact information to complete reference checks. Please account for all time gaps in your work/volunteer history.

What happens if my Beacon transfer account expires?

BEACON Transfer Account Steps and Information for current employees and substitutes. If you were a 17-18 Non Renewed teacher or an Instructional Assistant who was not picked up for the 17-18 school year once your current transfer account expires you will be required to create a new BEACON account in order to apply for positions.

When is beacon not available?

BEACON is not available during the last Friday of each month from 11:00PM to Saturday 6:00AM Eastern Time. BEACON is best viewed using Internet Explorer.

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