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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Barry University good?

Barry University is great for students with various majors. They really get into detail with your career choices, singling out your best qualities, the classes are small and are ideal for better learning along with the diversity present at the school; it is nice how quiet and peaceful the atmosphere is.

How many students does Barry University have?

Barry University. Consisting of six schools and two colleges, Barry University has more than 7,000 students, a campus of 54 buildings, a branch campus in Tallahassee, a law school in Orlando, and 50,000 alumni. Student to faculty ratio is 12:1.

What is the mascot of Barry University?

Bucky the Parrot is the mascot of Barry University and Barry Law. While slightly better than Sebastian the Ibis at Miami and “John B” Hatter at Stetson, having a parrot as a mascot just doesn’t cut it, especially for a law school already on the edge of a kill list. We don’t need no parrots.

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