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Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a beer barrel?

Historically a beer barrel was a standard size of 36 US gallons (140 l; 30 imp gal), as opposed to a wine barrel at 32 US gallons (120 l; 27 imp gal), or an oil barrel at 42 US gallons (160 l; 35 imp gal).

What size swivel for bass?

Your swivel should be slightly stronger than the lb of leader line that you are using, so if you are using a leader that holds up to 30 lbs, then you need to be using a #10 size swivel that can handle up to 31 lbs.

What are swivels used for in fishing?

Fishermen use swivels to provide a point between the main fishing line and the terminal tackle that will prevent any spinning movement of the tackle from twisting the main line. Swivels are also used to attach multiple pieces of tackle to a main line, such as connecting both a leader and hook and another separate line with a sinker.

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