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Frequently Asked Questions

What is stick it to the stickman?

Stick it to the Stickman is a roguelite physics based brawler where you fight as a stick man against other stick figure men to get your job back! This has gotta be one of the best stick figure fighting games that is coming out.

What is stick man war?

It's a physics-brawler where you fight stick men to get your job back. Fire them or be fired yourself! It's a rogue-lite where you keep learning new (and more powerful) moves. This is just another day at the office. Evan Greenwood, Rohun Ranjith, Jason Sutherland, Jarred Lunt, Jem Smith. Made at Free Lives.

How do I download and install stick it to the man?

On Windows: 1) Download the file (click the "download now" on this page) 2) Right click on the downloaded zip and "Extract All" to a folder. 3) Enter the new folder and run "Stick It To The (Stick) Man.exe"

Who is Baron vontactics?

Hello I'm Baron. I like video games. So I play and make videos on a great variety of games. Everything from PC to console to mobile, and AAA to indie games. I like them all. I also run the YouTube channel BaronVonTactics where I focus primarily on mobile gaming.

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