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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Bank of America closing?

Bank of America has cited a few reasons for its temporary closings, including a dropoff in customer visits to a branch, a smaller-sized location that can't accommodate physical distancing and concerns about available staffing.

How does Bank of America make money?

How does Bank of America make money? Interest and noninterest income. Every bank earns income on loans and other earning assets and pays interest on deposits and other interest-bearing liabilities. A summary of Bank of America's noninterest income. Investment and brokerage services contribute the most to Bank of America's (BAC) noninterest income. Diversified income sources. ...

Who really owns Bank of America?

Bank of America is a publicly traded corporation based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s owned by its shareholders. It’s not, as the name sort of implies, operated by the United States government. The national bank in the US is the Federal Reserve Bank, which is a bank that only serves other banks.

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