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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best exhaust systems?

Tests have shown that the turbo back system can be the best performance exhaust, giving greater torque and more peak power. The midrange power of the cat-back is a little higher. All things considered, the turbo back seems to be the best performance exhaust.

What systems do banks use?

Banks use minicomputers as file storage systems, to run email systems and perform Internet operations. The typical minicomputer is capable of supporting more than 64 terminals. Examples of minicomputers used in banks include the Wang Laboratories 2200 and VS series and Nova from Data General.

What is banks power system?

The Banks V-10 Power Pack® exhaust system consists of 3-inch mandrel-bent stainless-steel tubing and a Dynaflow muffler. The system is clamped into place, then tack-welded. A muscular, yet pleasant and civilized exhaust rumble escapes through a 3-1/2-inch Monster tailpipe fitted with a polished stainless-steel tip and an integrat heat shield.

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