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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Spanish word for balls?

Spanish Translation. #N#bolas. More Spanish words for balls. las bolas noun. #N#. balls. las pelotas noun. #N#. balls.

How do you use the word ball in a sentence?

• I have a small tennis ball. • I stood up quickly and balled my hands into fists. • He balled the letter in his hands and threw it in the trash. vocabulary!

What does has the balls like the Espartero horse mean?

Tiene los cojones como los del Caballo del Espartero = Has the balls like the Espartero horse. The phrase refers to an equestrian monument in honor of General Espartero in Madrid (seen in the opening photo of this post). There are other sayings that make reference to the size of the testicles of the horse and refer to bravery and courage.

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