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Frequently Asked Questions

What does payment due upon receipt mean?

Usually, payment due upon receipt means paying by the next business day at the latest. The purpose of this invoice payment term is to communicate to clients that you expect to be paid as soon as your goods or services are delivered.

Should you use due upon receipt or invoices?

Invoices can be sent automatically, and the client then knows that payment is due immediately. Unfortunately, there are also a few drawbacks of using the due upon receipt payment term. For one, you can’t always guarantee that your client is going to pay you the next day.

What is the due on receipt label?

The due on receipt label ensures that small businesses can manage their accounts. The one-time client can make payment for the work you do, and everything is complete. As a small business owner, you have the right to get paid for the work you do. The invoice is your proof that the work was completed, and payment should be rendered.

What does'due on receipt'mean?

Don’t worry, we've got you covered. Here's the 101 on "due on receipt". It’s actually a straightforward term to understand when you deconstruct what it means. Due on receipt essentially refers to the payment being due as soon as the client receives the invoice.

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