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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a balance due account?

A balance due account occurs when the taxpayer has an outstanding liability for taxes, penalties and/or interest. Balance due accounts are automatically monitored through computer analysis and placed in a specific status based on age and/or activities.

What is the objective of the balance due program?

The objective of the balance due program is to work responses to balance due notices and work with taxpayers to help them satisfy their outstanding tax liabilities.

What balance due research procedures should Am employees refer to?

AM employees should also refer to Exhibit 5.19.1-13, Balance Due Research Procedures for AM Employees, and Exhibit 5.19.1-14, Recommended Notice Status Balance Due Call Flow.

What happens when the balance due is full paid?

When the balance due is full paid, the account moves to the Ogden Campus if another balance due account generates in the future. The IMF address change is for the primary taxpayer, but not the secondary taxpayer. In this scenario, input a "1" when using CC INCHG, or check the box on the Update Contact Tool when using AMS.

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