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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bahama Breeze offer a military discount?

Bahama Breeze was founded in 1996. The restaurant chain is a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants and has 26 locations throughout the United States. The restaurant serves caribbean inspired dishes which include seafood, chicken and steak. At this time, Bahama Breeze does not offer a military discount.

Does Bahama Breeze offer franchise opportunities?

Bahama Breeze International Franchising Bahama Breeze is America's leading Caribbean restaurant concept and international franchise opportunities are now available. Bahama Breeze is owned by Darden Restaurants, Inc. (NYSE:DRI), the world's largest company-owned and operated full-service restaurant group.

Who owns Bahama Breeze restaurant?

Bahama Breeze. Clarence Otis, Jr. Bahama Breeze is an American restaurant chain owned by Darden Restaurants. They specialize in Caribbean-inspired seafood, chicken, steaks, and tropical drinks.

Where is Bahama Breeze located?

Bahama Breeze is a casual dining restaurant chain that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc. The company operates only in the United States. In 1996, Darden Restaurants founded the company and its very first location was located in International Drive, Orlando, Florida. By 2014, the company was able to expand to 37 more locations.

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