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Frequently Asked Questions

Is badlion client worth using?

use badlion, it is an amazing client boosting your frames by like 2x for me and has literally every mod, most pvp clients are good as well but I personally like badlion, eis_god Dedicated Member

Is the badlion client allowed?

The Badlion client is allowed, just make sure to use it with common sense ;) (just don't modify anything to the mod that could lead to unfair advantages) Client such as the Badlion client and Pixel client are allowed, but you use them at your own risk. If the client modifies anything related to hitboxes or reach, our anti-cheat Sentinel may ...

Is badlion better or lunar?

badlion for me gives a bit more fps than lunar (I've tested them both out and BLC gives 20-30 more), however lunar is a LOT easier to run manage, and less complex. Overall, I would say that Lunar, in most cases, is the better client, however Badlion does have a slightly noticable difference in FPS.

Is badlion better than lunar?

Vanilla triumphs over both of them. Badlion is probably better than Lunar client. Its useful when they have FPS boosters I think Badlion Client has better cosmetics and mods. But Lunar is definitely more aesthetically pleasing, clean, and it boosts fps WAAAY more than Badlion does.

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