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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs can you get with an English Literature degree?

Other common careers with an English degree. Other common careers with an English degree include librarianship, archiving, bookselling, information and research, tourism, events management, social work, youth work, probation work, human resources, retail management and sales.

What can I do with a Bachelor in English?

With a Bachelor of Arts in English, student have the option of going to graduate school to obtain a Master of Arts in English, or obtain jobs in a variety of settings. These positions can vary in teaching, publishing, copywriting, public relations, paralegal, speech writing, law, technical writing, marketing coordinating or proofreading.

What does Bachelor of literature mean?

Bachelor Degree in Literature programs emphasize literary works within a social and historical context and have a foundation in literary theory, literature and writing. Literature programs primarily emphasize analytical communications and decision-making skills and students often receive practical applications or studies to enhance these skills.

What is Bachelor of Arts degree in literature?

The goals of the Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature are to: provide knowledge of the linguistic structure of English and its literary use enable students to understand English within its historical, theoretical and cultural context provide students with insights into the complexity of human thought, emotion and interaction More items...

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