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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the baby jogger summit X3 a good stroller?

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 has the price of a high-end stroller but failed to perform well enough in our tests to justify the hefty price tag. Without the features and performance necessary to function as a dedicated running stroller, it is hard to find a reason to purchase it.

Are baby jogger strollers suitable for jogging?

Baby Jogger started with a line of jogging strollers and now primarily creates strollers not suitable for jogging. They offer a comprehensive line of full-size strollers for up to two children. Their full-size strollers are popular with parents and have some easy-to-use features. The Baby Jogger Summit is one of their only jogging strollers.

Is the summit X3 a good running buggy?

Many parents might hesitate to buy a special running buggy if they are not sure how often they’ll exercise, so the Summit X3 is a great compromise as it’s a hybrid model. This means that you can switch between modes whether you’re strolling or running, as there's an easy to control wheel lock that fixes it or leaves it to swivel.

How heavy is the baby jogger?

The Summit is relatively heavy at 28 lbs, but its folded volume is 13,300 cubic inches, one of the smaller options. These measurements make the Baby Jogger heavy but able to fit in smaller spaces.

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