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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Azusa Pacific University a big party school?

Azusa Pacific is not a boring school, but it definitely isn't a party school either. So those who are looking to go crazy in college and party all the time would not do very well at this school. Mallory. Someone who should not attend this school is one who is not willing to grow in faith with Christ.

What is Azusa Pacific University known for?

Azusa Pacific University is a nationally recognized Christian university, known for developing graduates of professional excellence who are driven to create an impact through meaningful careers.

Where is Azusa Pacific University located?

Azusa Pacific University's Azusa campus is situated in the San Gabriel Valley, located 26 miles (42 km) northeast of Los Angeles.

What are the different majors of Azusa Pacific?

Find Your Program Accounting Major. ... Acting for the Stage and Screen Major (BFA) This program prepares students for professional acting careers, as well as graduate studies in performance. Allied Health Major. ... Animation and Visual Effects Major. ... Applied Mathematics Major. ... Art Major. ... More items...

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