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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a unit awards manual for the Marine Corps?

MCO 1650.19J 5 Feb 2001 g. NAVMC 2922 (Unit Awards Manual) contains a listing of unit awards which have been presented to Marine Corps units and is updated by MARADMIN’s in the MCBul 1650 series quarterly. h. Marine Corps Orders in the 3574 and 3579 series establish policy requirements for awarding marksmanship awards.

What is the Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal?

Authorization. Special Order No. 49 of 20 July 1896 established the Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal (MCGCM) to recognize good behavior and faithful service in the Marine Corps. The CMC has review authority over the MCGCM and designates specific criteria for the award.

What is the DoD awards manual?

The Manual of Military Decorations & Awards (DoD 1348.33-M), hereinafter referred to as the DoD Awards Manual, provides guidance for Defense and Joint awards. 3. Commands publishing specific award instructions must comply with the guidance established herein. 111. AUTHORITY TO ESTABLISH AWARDS.

How do I get a reprint of my marine Award?

Marines must go back to the awarding authority that approved their award to request a reprint of their Certificate/Citation if they was lost, never received, or contained errors. FOREIGN AWARD REQUEST EXAMPLE

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