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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major revisions to the Civilian Service Commendation and Achievement Medals?

Major revisions to this instruction include changes to the civilian of the quarter (COQ) and civilian of the year (COY) eligibility requirements and awards budget, and the addition of guidance for the Department of the Navy (DON) Civilian Service Commendation and Achievement Medals (enclosure 2). 2. Cancellation. BUPERSINST 12450.4B.

Can a navy or Marine Corps member wear an award from a foreign government?

(1) Navy and Marine Corps personnel are generally not eligible to accept, retain, or wear any award, any title, or membership in any order, proffered by a foreign head of state or foreign government. However, reference (b) allows Service Members to accept awards or decorations from a foreign

When did the SECNAV memo change the policy for military awards?

SECNAV memo DON Military Awards Policy Changes of 10 May 2007; b. SECNAV memo Change to Delegation of Approval Authority for the Air Medal (Strike/Flight) of 13 Mar 2009; c. SECNAV memo Change to Eyewitness Requirements for Combat Awards of 18 Mar 2009; d. SECNAV memo Delegation of Award Approval Authority for

Does the SECNAV have authority to approve Award nominations?

Congress under the provisions of section 1130 of reference (g). See reference (a) for further guidance on consideration of award nominations under this process. SECNAVINST 1650.1J 29 May 2019 Enclosure (6) DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY TO APPROVE AWARDS 1. The SECNAV retains awarding authority to approve all awards

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