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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step in the note taking process?

Step 1: Taking Notes – Create the notes. Students have more note-taking options than ever before. As we go through the note-taking process, consider what it might look like in your grade level and with your students. Decide on which options you will provide your students. What is the purpose and objective for note-taking?

How do I use AVID elective with students?

Teacher •Provide students with time in the AVID Elective class to fill in gaps with their peers for each academic content area. •Model inquiry to expose missing information in notes, and assist students in filling in this information. Site Team •Allow students time to review their notes with a peer/small group after taking them.

What is audio note-taking?

Audio note-taking can be used exclusively, or as an extension in collaboration with other forms of note-taking. Audio notes can also be great for collaborative note-taking. Students can very quickly share their audio notes with one another. Tools: Many tools already have the ability to record audio.

When should I use note-taking?

•Some situations when note-taking is appropriate are: giving directions, watching a video, reading a textbook/novel, listening to a guest speaker, during a lab, during a PowerPoint presentation, etc. Tutor •When reviewing student notes, indicate places where students can speed up their note-taking by using abbreviations, bullets and/or lists.

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