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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up an automatic login in Windows 11?

To sign in automatically, you need to disable the Windows Hello feature first. To disable Windows Hello on Windows 11, use the following steps: Click the Start button and open Settings or use Windows key + I. When Settings opens, click Accounts on the left and click Sign-in options on the right.

How can I enable Windows 11 Auto Login?

To use the AutoLogon tool, please follow these steps: Download and install AutoLogon tool (AutoLogon is not installed by default). Launch Autologon64.exe and follow the on-screen instructions. Windows registry is a database that stores low-level settings for Windows. You can tweak registry values to enable auto login.

What is the path to enable automatic login in Windows 11?

Starting Windows 11 without a password is possible once you have set up the automatic login function in Windows 11. This setting can be activated in the Windows Registry Editor and in “Login Options” in Windows Settings.

Is it possible to auto login Windows 11 without a password or pin?

The auto-login feature on Windows 11 enables users to access a computer without the need to input any login credentials, passwords, or pins. The first and obvious benefit is the time it saves you in accessing a computer by eliminating a step in the process. This reduces the startup or boot time.

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