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Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable Autologon in Windows 10?

– Run the Autologon.exe – And Select the Enable functionality and if successful, the dialog (window) below will be thrown. Note: After this step, restart the system and it will logon automatically to the domain using the user account and password created. To verify this further a bit, launch the command prompt and type “ whoami “

Is Autologon available for Windows 10 kiosk terminals?

Windows 10 Auto Logon The company i work for has used autologon for kiosk terminals for several years. We have recently started to update some of these to use Windows 10 however we are having issues bypassing the AutoLogon 50f25182-ea0a-47e9-a791-7df4dd2a0f8f 94b7e782-317e-4e31-a542-2294cc7ffcf7 Iain Gilmour 2018-03-21T12:19:13 2021-10-05T11:03:47

How to find out which user is the default user for Autologon?

In the Winlogon registry entry look for AutoLogonSID and check what the data is. Compare it against HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Profile list the ProfileImagePath entry will show which user it is.

Do I need to enter my username and password in autologin?

Here the user does not need to enter his username and password, the systems (windows) automatically make use of the credentials entered in the AutoLogin and this is worth noting that this is encrypted in the Registry. This can be done using the registry and User Account.

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