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Frequently Asked Questions

Do audit walkthroughs work?

They work for me, and they will work for you. What are Audit Walkthroughs? Walkthroughs are cradle-to-grave reviews of transaction cycles. You start at the beginning of a transaction cycle (usually a source document) and walk the transaction to the end (usually posting to the general ledger).

How many free internal audit templates are there?

In the section A whistle-stop tour through Process Street’s free internal audit templates, you are presented with 19 free templates. I have listed these templates below so that you can plunge right in. Keep reading for more information on each template. Shall we get started?

What are the three components of audit documentation?

Form, Content, and Extent of Audit Documentation .10The auditor should prepare audit documentation that enables an ex- perienced auditor, having no previous connection to the audit, to understand: a. The nature, timing, and extent of auditing procedures performed to comply with SASs and applicable legal and regulatory requirements; b.

How to plan for an audit project?

The following steps should be performed while planning for an audit project: Outline, by either narrative, flowchart, or both, key process steps, highlighting information inflows and outflows, and internal control components. Validate draft narratives and flowcharts with subject matter expert used (if any)

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