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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online auction fraud?

Online Auction Fraud. Overpayment schemes are common on auction sites. This scam targets sellers, typically of high-end items. The criminal, on winning the auction, sends a counterfeit check or money order to the seller and requests that the seller refund the difference between the purchase price and face value of the bogus check.

What is auction listing?

Also known as trading agent, an auction listing agent actually works as a bridge between the clients and the auction sites. An auction agent first of all contacts the person who wants to sell his/her property, and then present it to the auction companies.

What is a farm auction?

Farm Auctions. Farm Auctions are the best way to liquidate your farm or ranch. Farm auctions are our favorite type of auction. Farmers are well versed in the auction method and a high percentage of all used farm equipment is bought and sold at auction. We are farmers too. Farmers know farm auctions.

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