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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any att phone be prepaid?

Not any, because they use different network technologies. But you can use any AT&T phone, whether it's sold as contract or prepaid. It's just that contract phones are more expensive when bought without contract. This applies to all AT&T customers, whether they're on contract, prepaid, or on an AT&T MVNO.

Is att prepaid worth it?

There is no credit check required with these plans. Those prices won’t save you much compared to postpaid plans, but some of AT&T Prepaid’s deals may be worth checking out. For the last year or so, AT&T Prepaid’s limited-time offers have become a better value. Here’s a sample of the deals that were available when we checked in April 2021:

Are att cell phone plans reliable?

There’s a reason why AT&T ranks among the most popular wireless providers in the country.2 AT&T has consistently delivered reliable coverage and decent data speeds for years now. It’s like the old ham-and-cheese sandwich you have for lunch every day—a dependable staple.

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