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Frequently Asked Questions

Does att wireless give military discounts?

The AT&T Military Discount offers eligible military members a 25% discount off AT&T Unlimited & More and AT&T Unlimited & More Premium Wireless plans. Proof of eligibility is required to receive the discount, and the qualified military member must be the account holder.

Does att offer veteran discounts?

Veterans can sign up here. Veterans, military families, and active duty servicemembers can also sign up for a discount at an AT&T retail store. In all of these cases, you’ll need to provide some proof of eligibility.

How much is the ATT military discount?

While the best discount is somewhat a matter of preference, there are plenty of great reasons for servicemembers and their families to choose AT&T. We provide a 25% discount to all active-duty military, veterans, and their families on eligible unlimited wireless plans.

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