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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Android 12 update be available for LG phones on AT&T?

While the Android 12 update may be available for other cellphone network providers, currently, there is no estimated time of arrival of the same Android version being released for LG phones on the AT&T network. Whenever LG makes the latest Android version they received from Google available to us, we will release it to LG phones on our network.

Is Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra 5G getting Android 12 update?

11:25 am (IST): Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is bagging the much-awaited update to Android 12-based One UI 4. This brings the November patch and bears software version SP1A.210812.016.G998USQU4BUK7. 11:12 am (IST): T-Mobile has updated its Android 12 tracker to reflect the current status of its eligible devices. More on that here.

How do I update my Android device?

Connect your device to your computer using your USB cable, then download the Software Upgrade Assistant tool to your computer, which will check for software updates and initiate the software update process. The current software update provides the most up to date Android security patches on your device.

Is LG V50 ThinQ locked to Verizon getting Android 12 update?

The update is available with the software version V600VM30a. 02:04 pm (IST): LG V50 ThinQ locked to Verizon is getting the update to Android 12 in the US. And while this update includes important privacy features such as active sensor indicators, it misses out on the fresh look of Material You.

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