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Frequently Asked Questions

Will att unlock a phone?

You may request AT&T to unlock the phone that has all of your service commitments completed, including paying all installment plans and paying early termination fees. Also making sure the phone wasn’t reported lost or stolen. The company website says it typically responds to unlock requests within two business days.

Can att unlock my phone?

To unlock your AT&T phone, the company has a few requirements you have to hit. Once you meet the requirements (detailed below), you can head to AT&T's unlock portal. You'll be prompted for your phone number and your phone's IMEI number, and then AT&T will unlock your device.

Does att have free phones?

When you switch your cell phone service to AT&T wireless, there are lots of deals you can take advantage of. Between instant rebates and contract offerings, it is very possible to get a free phone with your AT&T wireless service!

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