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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my ATT email?

You can access your AT&T mailbox at, previously, from a web browser using your regular password. Moreover, ensure that your Yahoo account status is up to date if your mail address ends in

How do you access AT&T Yahoo Email?

Yahoo has their webmail you access from the yahoo home page and att has their own (although it is co-branded with both att and yahoo on the login page and the webmail again since yahoo is att's ESP). It's a wonder the yahoo home page still takes you to att/yahoo webmail from their home page.

How do I check my AT&T email?

To check att net email through a browser, visit where you'll be directed to a webpage. Click on the "mail" button on the upper right side of the webpage and you'll be directed to the sign-in page for emails. Just like most emails, AT&T emails could be set-up on email software/apps for mobile devices.

What is the difference between Yahoo and ATT email?

Aside from yahoo being the email service provider (ESP) for att, yahoo is an entirely distinct company run by one of att's competitors (verizon). Yahoo has their own home/portal page and att has their own distinct home/portal page (

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