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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Athabasca University for mature students?

I think someone else made a great and very accurate comment in other reviews for Athabasca University when they said that AU is for mature students who are willing to work hard, and it is NOT for those who want an easy ride.

Is Athabasca worth it?

Athabasca has been a very useful resource to me. I've been working through their Bachelor of Commerce program in an attempt to get some transfer credit for a program at a US university, and the programming has been very reasonable for an online university.

What is your review of athabacas University?

Athabasca University is a travesty. Its adminsitration is hidebound, sclerotic and beholden to unions (firmly) intellectually lodged in 1970. Its academic staff have little or no interest in the students.

Is Athabasca University good for an MSc in Information Technology?

I highly recommend the Athabasca University MSc IS program, distance education is the future and the importance of IT is still growing. Was this review helpful? I would urge anyone to consider finding a real school somewhere else.

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