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Frequently Asked Questions

Does att wireless give military discounts?

The AT&T Military Discount offers eligible military members a 25% discount off AT&T Unlimited & More and AT&T Unlimited & More Premium Wireless plans. Proof of eligibility is required to receive the discount, and the qualified military member must be the account holder.

Does att have WiFi?

Portable WiFi hotspot devices can be used within the vast AT&T high-speed wireless coverage area. The devices are especially useful to teams traveling as a group to a conference, a customer site or other work event because your workforce is essentially taking a secure connection with them —including access to your company’s networking and security policies.

Does AT&T PREPAID allow wireless tethering?

With the exception of the $60 unlimited plan all of AT&T's other prepaid plans include tethering via usb or WiFi hotspot . "tethering" is the technical term for hotspot... All prepaid plans except the $60 unlimited plan include tethering/hotspot.

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