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Frequently Asked Questions

What is asctimetables?

It’s easy to use and it’s free with ascTimetables Because ascTimetables is used in almost every country, it has been designed to meet regional requirements around the globe An online, web-based extension of the popular school scheduling application Use the created timetable to start the electronic class register.

Is asctimetables the answer to your timetabling prayers?

Although some teachers think ascTimetables have taken all the fun out of planning school schedules, most teachers agree that ascTimetables quick ‘n’ easy scheduling software is the answer to their timetabling prayers. Someone made a mistake? Got to do it all again? No worries. No need to count to ten – and hardly time to grab a coffee.

What are the features of ASC timetables?

Features such as automatic creation and printing of a suitable schedule for a given day, the ability to add notes and reminders, create alerts for important dates and so on. If you're one of those people who are always too busy to be able to attend all of their meetings, simply download aSc TimeTables Installation file today!

What version of ASC timetables is compatible with Windows XP?

ASc TimeTables is compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10/11 environment, 32-bit version. The following version: 1.0 is the most frequently downloaded one by the program users. The program relates to Office Tools. Award winning tool for creating timetables for primary/secondary schools with unique automatic generator. Easy to use.

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