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Frequently Asked Questions

What is asctime() in C?

C library function - asctime() Description. The C library function char *asctime(const struct tm *timeptr) returns a pointer to a string which represents the day and time of the structure struct timeptr.

What happens if asctime() function is unsuccessful?

The asctime () function returns a pointer to the resulting character string. If the function is unsuccessful, it returns NULL. Note: The asctime (), ctime () functions, and other time functions can use a common, statically allocated buffer to hold the return string. Each call to one of these functions might destroy the result of the previous call.

What is the difference between asctime and timeptr?

More secure versions of these functions are available; see asctime_s, _wasctime_s. The asctime function converts a time stored as a structure to a character string. The timeptr value is typically obtained from a call to gmtime or localtime, which both return a pointer to a tm structure, defined in TIME.H.

What is the use of asctime_s() function in MySQL?

This function is used to convert the given calendar time into a textual representation. We can’t modify the output calendar time in asctime () function whereas we can modify the calendar time in asctime_s () function. The general syntax of asctime_s is “ Www Mmm dd hh:mm:ss yyyy “.

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