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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of arousal theory?

What is an example of arousal theory? According to the arousal theory of motivation, each person has a unique arousal level that is right for them. For example, if our levels drop too low we might seek stimulation by going out to a nightclub with friends.

What is arousal theory?

The arousal theory of motivation suggests that people are driven to perform actions in order to maintain an optimum level of physiological arousal. Other people may do better with much lower arousal levels, so they might feel compelled to seek out soothing and relaxing activities.

What term describes the arousal theory?

What term describes the arousal theory? The Cannon-Bard theory is a theory of undifferentiated arousal, where the physical and emotional states occur at the same time in response to an event. This theory states that an emotionally provoking event results in both the physiological arousal and the emotion occurring concurrently.

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